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Advertising, Marketing and Media
We can help your company to become more productive. If you need more marketing, advertising, media relations, we are here to support efficiently. There are some following simple tips for a business in order for the best marketing strategy that are learnt from years of learning.
  • Internet Advertising Techniques
  • Direct Mail Advertising Techniques
  • Writing as Advertising Techniques
  • TV Advertising Techniques
  • Public Relations as one of the “Earned” Advertising Techniques
  • Print Advertising Techniques (Newspaper, Magazine, etc.)
  • Radio Advertising Techniques
  • Word-Of-Mouth and Buzz as Advertising Techniques
  • Hope these advertising techniques were helpful. If you think so, please contact or visit us.
We rovide several services under advertising, marketing and media. Some are as foolows:
  • Alive and Thrive (A&T) mass media campaign
  • Film making
  • Preparing video documentory
  • Development, promotion and distribution
  • Advertising, media and event management
  • Development, promotion and distribution
  • Construction, decoration, renovation, office premise, office equipment supply, printing, security stationery, furniture or fixture
  • organizing road show
  • Maintenance, cleaning and painting-works of installation of signboard
  • Supply of leaflet and poster on various incidents
  • Make of documentary, supply of book and magazine and printing work of book
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