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Architectural Design and Civil Engineering

We provide the following services in this sector:
  • Soil test, preparation of master plan, architecture and structural design
  • Preparing construction design
  • Architectural and engineering work
  • Designing of building
  • Construction project management, supervision of foundation, structural, plumbing, electrical and mechanical system for building
  • Preparation and/or review of designs, estimates, tender documents and detailed supervision and monitoring of works
  • Providing structural, electrical, electro mechanical, sanitary and plumbing design
  • Renovation of foundation, repair, replacement, sanitary, refitting, fixing, office decoration with modern furniture, sophisticated, proven air cooled central AC system with duct work, false-ceiling, ceiling lighting-system, catway, supply and installation of pump, motor system, back screen, wing, sound-systems, screen/curtain and building
  • Construction residential apartment with design of plumbing system including external disposal network, basement floor and parking facilities
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