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Engineering Survey and Feasibility Study
The introductory phase to improving the rolling operation is to have a plan based on science and experience, ensuring that the project implementation will be successful and that things will work as planned. Quad specializes in the analysis and modeling of rolling process and equipment, from a single equipment item to an entire plant. Simulation programs are used to evaluate and boost rolling mill layouts, pass designs and equipment. Engineering studies are customized to meet your specific goals:
  • Long term facility improvement plans
  • Equipment selection and specifications based on process selection and capacity calculations
  • Layout development, Infrastructure specification and Installation requirements
  • Determine capital budget costs and project schedule for capital expense approval
  • Identify and Quantify the impact of equipment and process solutions
  • How to upgrade and modernize equipment at a fraction of the cost of replacement
We provide the following services as well under engineering survey and feasibility study:
  • Surveying consignment
  • Underground water management and TPP for survey, investigation and feasibility study
  • Renovation, repair works, construction, supply and installation
  • Consultancy for result based management
  • Soil and sub-soil investigation along pipe-line route
  • Testing of soil for building construction, decoration-works, repair and maintenance, drain and septic-tank
  • Preparation of detailed area plan
  • Digital survey of land
  • Test boring, aquifer test and agro-socio-economic environment data-collection and analysis
  • Construction of building including civil, sub-soil investigation, stairs case, sanitary, water-supply and electrification-works
  • Horizontal and vertical extension of building including sub-soil investigation, water-supply and electrification-works
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