CIECON Network Inc.
Fighting for Global Development
Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)
Our vision is fostering industrialization through SME promotion for employment generation, economic development finally poverty alleviation. Our mission is to undertake and implement multi sectoral action plan for proper growth of SMEs and make them competitive in the free market economy. The core objectives of the SME Advisory Service are as follows:
  • Provide basic information and data as available in the country for SME development
  • Reference materials and information on how to start SME business
  • Policy advocacy on different issues of SME development
Services Available:
  • Provide information on potential SME sectors.
  • Different nature of Training Programs like entrepreneurship development, cluster based skill development, Technology development, productivity improvement, marketing, management etc.
  • Guideline to prepare business plan/Project Profile.
  • Various marketing concepts on SMEs.
  • Information regarding SME access to finance.
  • Information support on technology development
  • Necessary information on regulatory process to do business:
       - Trade License
       - Registration of Company
       - Collection of TIN
       - VAT registration
       - Connection of gas, electricity, water & sewerage
       - Permission of the Environment Directorate
       - Fire License
       - Boiler registration
       - Quality Certification Mark
       - Patent, Design and Trademarks registration
       - Export Registration Certificate (ERC) and Import Registration Certification (IRC)
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