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Training and Examination Management
Training and development managers and professional trainers today need all of the help they can get. With incessant organizational change, skills shortages and increased global competition, training employees on a cramped budget is getting harder. The training resources and learning tools in our training management section will help you create effective employee training and development programs in your workplace. Find our following some services as below:
  • Developmental works
  • Organizations to provide training courses to stakeholders in the anticipated HYSAWA (hygiene, sanitation and water supply) and
    Training to labor contracting societies, etc.
  • Provide all education related support in Government and Private sectors such as Consultancy, Language Training, Customized Programs, Academic and Vocational Training.
  • Arrange Language, Academic and Vocational Training or Customized Programs for Government and Non-government organizations according to demand and need in any country around the world including food and accommodation, travel arrangements as well as per diem expenses.
  • Guide trainees for study visa processing as a professional manner as required by the Immigration Law
  • The Company develop course curriculum and syllabus for any programs related to trainee and trainer.
  • Organize specialised Training and Training of Trainers Programs.
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