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Water, Irrigation and Sanitation
Our services on Water, Irrigation and Sanitation sectors are:
  • Water Network Analysis and Optimization
  • Water Supply System
  • Study, design and construction supervision
  • Iterative hydraulic modeling of the pressure and flow in water distribution networks
  • Rationalization, sectorization, optimization and expansion of the distribution networks for full control based on the modeling exercise
  • Preparation of the resultant detailed engineering designs and the related procurement documents for implementing the network rationalization and the transmission line designs
  • Construction supervision and contract management
  • Training of utility counterparts in the improved management of optimized distribution networks
  • Preparation of a hydraulic model of the distribution network, including flow and pressure data
  • Identification or demarcation of control areas
  • Consistent GIS mapping
  • Identification of ‘hot-spot’ problem areas
  • Prioritization of hot-spot interventions between and within DMAs or control areas, considering the severity of the problems encountered, the amount of water losses estimated and the potential for system expansion
  • Design, procurement and supervision of the resultant intervention works
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